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At BLU Cynergy, we offer full turnkey mining solutions. Our highly skilled workforce offers you the best and cost-effective way of managing both surface and underground mining operations.

Surface and underground mining

The success of a mine relies on high-quality service delivery, cost management, efficient planning, and commitment to production, deliberate and safe performance by relevant stakeholders:

  • Mine planning and development
  • Production mining
  • Legal appointments
  • Health and safety
  • Processing plant and Stockpile management
  • Technical expertise
  • Performance management
  • Operational control and efficiency improvements
  • Backfilling
  • Vendor management
  • Equipment management

Material and mineral processing - crushing and screening

Our material processing solutions include both crushing and screening processes. These solutions are suitable for quarrying and the most demanding mining environments.

Creating a synergy between machine and personnel, ensuring there is sufficient understanding of operating the machine.


All blasting operations are executed by well-trained and highly skilled individuals with valid blasting tickets. At BLU Cynergy we offer qualified blasters that know and understand the application of the Mine Health and Safety Act together with its regulations. Our qualified blasters know and understand the importance and application of the Explosives Act.

At BLU Cynergy, we understand the value of an efficient, cost-effective and optimal blast to the client’s operation.

Plant shutdowns and maintenance

BLU Cynergy offers a team of plant shutdown and maintenance experts who are efficiently ready and available to mobilise to clients’ sites as soon as notice is given.

Our team of experts endeavours to work with the client from the planning phase to the wrap-up phase of the shutdown.

With a well-executed shutdown and maintenance plan, BLU Cynergy offers a reduction in downtime and increased operational efficiencies.


Both surface and underground mining operations have their sole focus on optimising their ore resources to drive and deliver value. Whether you are opening a box cut or developing a decline, our experienced production drilling team will provide you with high quality, efficient and optimal operations.

Our experienced drilling team works in accordance with the mine plan and schedule as agreed with the client. Our team can mobilise and set up on-site as soon as notice is received.

Infrastructure development

At BLU Cynergy, we have a team of surface and underground mining infrastructure experts that can provide skills and capabilities ranging from:

  • Shafts sinking
  • Wash bays
  • Mine ventilation
  • Dewatering and water treatment systems
  • Change houses
  • Air distribution systems etc.
  • Processing Plants
  • Workshops
  • Material handling sites

Load and Haul

Our highly skilled and experienced teams ensure that clients operations are always well resourced and loads are efficiently hauled to their destination for further processing and/or utilisation

We strive to increase client’s profitability and reduce costs by employing only the best operators and drivers in our teams, managed by an expert with industry knowledge


All our weighbridge operators are well trained and come with guaranteed competency to ensure accurate and correct weighing of vehicles.

Our operators can quickly adapt to the different weighbridge systems and software used by clients.

Our training department ensures that our operators are always compliant to industry-acceptable standards and compliances.

Technical Services

As Adcorp we believe that we are not just a service provider to our clients but a partner.

Our team of highly experienced experts have industry knowledge and experience which is critical for any mining environment.

Our service delivery is underpinned by the high levels of technical skills that we demand from our teams within Adcorp.

Our clear understanding of the mining environment, equipment and vendor management systems ensures that we are always cost-effective in the projects we operate and work.

Our consultancy and advisory services are value-add-driven, offer practical insights, and solutions and are underpinned by ensuring clients achieve their objectives and realise their vision.

Our commodity focus


Coal Mining


Iron Ore

Ferrous Metals


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