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Our Energy Service Focus

Renewable Energy

Coal Power Potential

Transmission and Distribution

Oil and Gas


As an ISO registered company with a significant focus on health and safety, BLU Cynergy occupies the Energy sector, providing specialists with skills and experience in concluding large projects inclusive of maintenance.

Renewable Energy

The energy sector in South Africa is an important component of global energy regimes due to the country’s innovation and advances in renewable energy. Following the country’s RMIPP programme, renewable energy has become the integral focus of the country’s economic growth and sustainability thus the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme was introduced.

Understanding these factors and complexities associated with the IP developments, Adcorp Blu Cynergy business model connects the Independent power producers with the workforce skills/professionals (candidates/assignees) required for the success of these programmes.  Our 30 years of experience in the field ensures client focus on core business deliverables while our expert staff manages front and back-office resourcing processes.

Our turnkey solution guarantees best management level candidates to Operations TES candidate’s placement/mobilasation, management and demobilasation. Our all-in-one solution model ensure background checks are conducted and that the best and competent candidates are chosen.


Renewable energy systems are costly to implement in the beginning but provide high economic returns in the long run thus on time and efficient project deliveries by clients are important. Our model ensures the client focuses on core project objectives while WE focus on human capital recruitment, management, payroll, training, and IR prospects. We create and develop customised workforce solutions within the following markets:


  • Onshore and offshore Solar Farms
  • Battery Storage


  • Onshore and offshore wind farms


Coal Fired Power Stations

At the heart of an electricity utility such as Eskom, the responsibility for supplying the electricity on which modern society depends, relies on the frequent maintenance and up-keeping of its facilities. Eskom’s power stations operate 365 days a year and like most other power utilities Eskom’s Generation Group maintains a varied portfolio of plants: gas turbine, hydroelectric, pumped storage and nuclear units in addition to the coal-fired plant. By understanding engineering factors and complexities associated with this kind of operation, our in-depth knowledge enable us to mobilise competent candidates in partnership with the client, to resolve any challenges that may occur in a power plant.

Transmission and distribution

We support power utilities and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) clients in delivering effective power solutions across various industries including commercial and residential environments. We provide competent, accredited and technically inclined candidates who can assist clients drive quality and efficiency throughout the entire Transmission and Distribution lifecycle.

Our expert’s candidate’s skillset operates in the following area:

  • Coal Power Generation
  • Renewable energy
  • Power system analysis
  • Smart Grid services

Oil and Gas

The oil industry downstream activities refer to the refining, transportation and marketing of end-user products. Within this sector, specialised skills and trained individuals are crucial for the operation and maintenance of such industries while adhering to safety regulations. As such, we work closely with the client to ensure that we maintain a high-quality database of candidates specifically suited for such operations. We can provide workforce solutions in the following blue (Technical) and white (management) collar skillset:



  • Refineries
  • Oil rigs
  • Pump station
  • Chemicals

We are dominant in the following areas:

  • Engineering Services
  • Operations (Power generations and outages)
  • Plant Services:
    • Maintenance
    • Decommissioning and Commissioning
    • Repairs
    • Welding equipment and the automotive
    • Fabrication
    • Pipeline repairs
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