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Our Presence


BLU CYNERGY has a national presence and the proven ability to set up new infrastructure at short notice; either locally or specifically on a client-site, if warranted.

A large portion of our clients is serviced by our main branches and offices, which have a regional focus.  Our aim is always to ensure the best quality delivery.






North West


KwaZulu Natal

Eastern Cape

Northern Cape

Western Cape

Our Value Offering

We take pride in what we do and customer-centricity is at the forefront of our services. We offer a shared responsibility solution while at the same time also offering a risk-averse model.

Legislative Compliance

We ensure legislative compliance reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Labour Relations Expertise

We provide high-level labour relations expertise.

Qualified Industry Experts

We offer industry experts that provide consultancy and advisory services across all four pillars.

Contingency Workforce

We provide the optimisation of clients’ operations through contingency workforce, outsourced and fixed turnkey solutions.

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