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Quality processes empower quality outcomes.

Conforming to the highest ISO standards, our Quality Management Systems are audited every year, and are able to identify, measure, control and improve core business processes and ultimately business performance – outcomes backed by our dedication to health and safety in the workplace.

Because we understand the need for a cohesive workplace, our Employment Relations Centre helps create productive workplaces by managing people-company relationships.

BLU CYNERGY helps turn the economic wheel.

With inspired, innovative solutions centred around our clients and our assignees, we create job opportunities, accelerate economic growth, transfer skills, uplift communities, and train and develop talent to empower a working future.

The current market system is driven by the demand for advanced artisans and welders not being met by the supply locally. As a result, qualified welders with no advanced training are unable to break into this system without getting additional training or experience.

The BLU CYNERGY Centre of Excellence is geared to not only equip locals with these necessary skills, but to also ensure that these skills are transferred.

Prosperity in engineering, construction and energy doesn’t start with profit – it starts with people.

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